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Finding Inner Peace

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Being at peace and having a stable mind does not come with just minding your business. It is about you being able to have total control over your emotions, your way of thinking, your style of living and most of all, being able to maintain an equal balance between all the positive and negative things in your life.
A lot of us look at our lives and feel all is perfect; but deep down, we know that it lacks something; that extra spice to make it all rosy.
You may be the best in your field of work but the worst in your personal life. You may also be good at giving people advice in all aspects of life but having a lot of issues weighing you down which you still cannot wrap your head around.
We are human beings and as such, NOT PERFECT. We sometimes do things to please ourselves and others, crave a stress-free life, in short, have everything handed to us on a silver platter. But life does not work like that. It is going to hit you with the good, the bad, the ugly. The wonderful fairytale relationships to the devastatingĀ heartbreaks, the work plan that gives you hope of a hundred percent success to an unbelievable failure. The list goes on and on. Anyone who has been there before at some point in their lives would side with me.
To find inner peace, just like Aang the avatar, who was able to master the art of controlling the four elements; air, water, fire and earth, you should be able to take total control of everything that makes you and maintain an equal balance between your positives and negatives in your life. It is not easy, I know! Because most of the time we allow things people say and do to get to us; break us, make us and unmake us.
But until we take charge of our lives and find an equal balance, we will just be living a fairytale of having inner peace and a stable mind when in reality, we do not have it.


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