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Patience, like my dad, always tells me, is a principal thing. It is one of the most important traits a person can possess.
There are many quotes about patience but have you ever pondered over how these quotes and sayings came about?.
Before, even I did not do that. But as time passed, it dawned on me that these quotes and sayings took place sometime back and continue to take place in our present lives.
Take this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson for instance; “ADOPT THE PACE OF NATURE: HER SECRET IS PATIENCE,” and compare it to your life. Our mothers did not get pregnant one day and gave birth to us the following day. It took time… Nine months. Some of us, even more. We can also look at it from this angle when a farmer plants a seed, the seed does not become a plant or tree the following day. Instead, it takes time to go through our the processes of germination before it can become that tree or plant whose shade and fruits we enjoy.
In both case studies, it can be deduced that Mr Emerson was right when he said that the secret of nature’s pace is patience… The best things in life come to those who are patient, be it wealth, success and the likes. I have never seen a wealthy man or a business tycoon who did not start from somewhere to get to the level at which they find themselves. They went through everything that life threw at them; the good, the bad and even the ugly but with patience, they nurtured their little beginnings, and dreams and with time, they grew their empire.
Patient people do not rush things. They know how to wait. They understand the ideology of times and seasons. They do not give up when the going gets tough neither do they give up when all their dream gets thrown back in their face instead they take advantage of their situations and make the best out of them. They are not quick to conclude on an issue, they take time to look at it from all angles before making a final decision. Thus, when that final decision is made, the end results are always positive.
It is said that good things come to those who wait and that is true. People who are capable of withstanding everything that life throws at them can handle anything in life. These kinds of people do not settle for less rather they fight for what they deserve; the best.
Patient people are very slow to anger and are not quick to pass out judgment. They think of the effects their actions or words may bring especially in cases where judgment may be passed unfairly to the victim while the culprit goes scot-free or in cases where a person ends up getting hurt physically or emotionally damaged.
A person is bound to feel more comfortable being around someone who is very patient and slow to anger than one who is quick-tempered.
You can be the most loyal, honest or caring man or woman on the planet but if you lack patience, then the lights of those other virtues become slightly dim. This is because patience is like the bedrock of all the other traits a person can possess. So, there is the need for every person, both young and old to possess this trait.
Before, I was the type that would rush into making decisions, losing my temper and giving up. My previous behaviour made it difficult for people to be around me, it also made me make some decisions that negatively affected me, but when I adopted the trait of patience, my life has improved for the better. I do not make decisions without thinking first about the effects it would have on me and those around me in the future. I have learned to tame my temper as well as maintain very healthy relationships. Frankly speaking, it was not easy at first, but with time, it has become a part of me.
Patience is like a viable seed planted in fertile soil. If carefully nurtured, it grows to become a great tree that is so difficult to uproot. Patience brings peace, love, healthy relationships, friendships and many other good things. Some of us cry for peace of mind day and night yet we lose our tempers over the littlest things. When you master the art of patience, there are some things that no longer begin to matter, your time becomes so precious that you do not waste it on unnecessary issues. It helps you discover your true self and potentials. It gives you the clarity in making decisions which yield positive results. It helps in maintaining healthy relationships. In short, patience is like a healing drug in this journey of life.

You can learn the art of patience by doing some of the following things:

1. Learning to let things go

2. Taking responsibility for mistakes and making up for them

3. Learning to wait as well as fighting for what you deserve rather than settling for less

4. Accepting life’s challenges and making the best out of them 

5. Getting to the root of all issues before passing judgments or reacting

6. Not giving in or giving up easily

7. Allowing things to fall in place at their right time

8. Understanding the ideology of times and seasons

9. Not wasting time on the things that are not worthy

10. Making the best out of ourselves

Many things go into mastering the art of patience, but the most important is learning to act in the right manner while you wait for that dream to become a reality or that expectation to be fulfilled. The little things matter…Never forget that. Learn to have patience with yourself and others.
The waiting time is the hardest time of all, but the fruits that come after the waiting time are the sweetest.

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